Schumacher Snaps

Schumacher’s Snaps is at the forefront of a liquor revolution that, glass by glass, dusts off the the normal reputation as a dull splash of cumin that must be swallowed at a furious pace and rinsed down with lagers. It started in 2001, when a café in Copenhagen ordered modern spirits for their modern sandwich menu. Chef Dan Schumacher created “Schumachers Chili / Lemon Brandy”, which has since become the bestseller in the range.

Since then, the collection of spice spirits has become incredibly well-assorted, with a number of unusual varieties where cumin is not welcome. This completely new way of approaching spirits and schnapps also has success behind the bar, where Schumachers is diligently used in cocktails at the country’s best bars. However, there is no doubt that it is still the lunch table that is the biggest scene, where it is used by many Danes to their open sandwich “frokost” meal.

Today Schumacher also produce excellent Gin and Rum.

Der blev ikke fundet nogle varer, der matcher dit valg.